Whichever of our services fits your business goal,  as we assist you to accomplish your goal we simultaneously build your leadership and organizational capacity to thrive in today’s performance environment of constant change.

For over thirty years, clients have included leaders and managers of small, mid-sized and large international companies, city governments, religious organizations, international development agencies, and international health care services.

These leaders have in common that they want to engage people and reap the benefits of sustainable organization-wide engagement. In small enterprises, this may mean keeping themselves engaged. In larger organizations, engagement of the people is an asset that could make all of the difference needed for success of the enterprise.

The leaders, consultants and coaches who contract with us and learn with us want to know how to create and sustain a culture of leadership in which people take leadership for their responsibilities. In a culture of leadership, responsibility is in alignment with accountability and authority.

We consider the standard of our success to be when a leader we work with is successfully sustaining an organizational culture of employee engagement accomplishing consistent successful outcomes. We (and your customers and clients) can feel the success when we walk through the doors. The vibrancy is palpable. And the people feel happy to be at work and happy to be engaged in your organization.

Since 1997, we have been proud to mentor coaches and consultants in their learning and development. Coaches and consultants who seek us out do so to learn tools, techniques and how we do our work so that they can expand the service to their own clients.

Our primary service is to assist leaders and their organizations change their culture to one of nourishing a culture of leadership. This aligns the organization with the skills and capacity needed to thrive in this performance environment of constant change. You are likely aware of the need for agility, flexibility, better innovation, collaboration and resiliency that needs to be part of organizational culture today. Today’s organization requires a culture of leadership in which leaders engage in leadership supporting their people to lead…to get the job done.

The most commonly requested of our services, including the organizational change are for

1.leadership development

2.team development

3.mentoring and coaching

4.strategic planning

5.strategy plan refresh

6.meeting facilitation

7.problem solving

8.project turnaround

9.organizational change

Interested In Working with Us?

Contact us today to book a free one hour consultation session. During this session, you are assisted in gaining more clarity about your business or development goal as well as fine tuning your expected outcomes. Together, we sort out the basics for a ‘scope of work’ so that you leave the session with clarity about what you want to accomplish with consulting or mentoring services. We can sort out together whether what you want to accomplish, and our services are a good match.

In conducting our work the Genuine Contact™ way, we adhere to a standard of quality in all of our services that was developed and agreed to by our international Genuine Contact™ community of professionals. In considering our services, it is valuable to look at Who We Serve to discern for yourself whether what you value for your organization is in alignment with what we value. In choosing a consulting firm, alignment of values is a key to a successful relationship and successful outcomes.