The meeting methodologies used by Dalar International Consultancy have proven track records for creating effective highly participative environments for engaging people. These meetings are versatile enough to enable the successful achievement of your goals, however diverse or specific. They create the conditions for your organization to benefit from the individual and collective wisdom of your people and demonstrate that when collective wisdom is harnessed, ‘the whole is noticeably greater than the sum of the parts’. Simultaneously, the meetings strengthen the organizations capacity for collaboration, innovation, solution focus, and thriving in change.

Our team facilitates meetings for organizations needing to unearth data, creative ideas, and collaboration towards:

  • strategic planning
  • developing new projects
  • project planning
  • organization development
  • team development

With your meeting outcomes in mind, we work with you to ensure that the best whole systems meeting facilitation method is used to ensure that your objectives for the meeting facilitation are met. We work within a change framework, recognizing that whatever your business goal, the meeting will result in change.

The primary methodologies we use for highly participatory meeting facilitation include Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, and Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution.

We facilitate meetings that range in size from a few people to hundreds of people, and vary in length from a few hours to several days. If needed, we are able to facilitate simultaneous meetings in a number of different geographic locations, or deliver highly effective meetings online using meeting platform software QiqoChat along with the method Whole Person Process Facilitation adapted for the online environment.

Getting Started

Contact Birgitt Williams to discuss your meeting facilitation needs.  Birgitt will support you in clarifying the business goal for your upcoming meeting and make recommendations on a meeting facilitation plan that will best help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Learning Opportunities

Some of our clients choose to develop and expand their own skills, knowledge and capacity for facilitating highly engaging participatory meetings....that get the job done. This skill, knowledge, and capacity building can be done with us by taking one or more of the three meeting facilitation modules. These modules are beneficial to take as a team for team development purposes and in developing leadership capacity.