What might you do if you have a project and despite your best efforts, despite excellent leadership and terrific people on the team, the project is in trouble? Projects, despite best efforts, get into trouble for a number of reasons. The most common reasons that we have experienced are:

  • The project, based on the initial assessment and planning is prematurely obsolete in relation to a number of external factors that have changed.
  • The project required different internal processes and capacity than originally thought sufficient for accomplishing the project.
  • The team isn't working together well, including pockets of conflict.

Project management is a science unto itself. Within this science, there are ways to bring a project back into line if it is running into difficulty. As a project manager, if you are finding that you are able to get your project back on track within a project management framework, you don't need us.

However, if the situation is complex, the project turnaround needs to happen rapidly, and you feel that the situation is outside of the usual scope of project management, we can help. We have lots of experience in project turnaround, even multi-national projects, within a short time frame, no matter how complex the situation.

We work from a change framework, supporting the project's turn around from the perspective of what is needed to facilitate change, which surprises most of our clients. They have not thought in terms of a change framework when getting the project up and running. They confess that they are much more goal driven than process driven.

With the overall project goals in mind, we approach the project turnaround from a perspective of Organizational Leadership rather than Project Management. This shift creates greater space for possibility thinking. It is a shift that creates what is needed for a rapid project turnaround for successful project accomplishment.

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Getting Started

Contact Birgitt Williams, President of Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. to schedule a free one hour appointment to discuss your project turnaround needs. During this call, Birgitt will take you through a simple process to gain clarity about your project turnaround.

Learning Modules

Depending on the what needs to be done to accomplish the Project Turnaround, we may recommend that key people take one or more of the following modules.