We understand that strategic planning is more than a project to be managed. Creating a strategic plan implies that there will be change. We approach our strategic planning within a change framework, ensuring the engagement of people throughout the process. In order for the strategic plan to be successfully implemented, the necessary change includes work as a strategy focused organization in which individuals and teams align their work to successful plan implementation.

Our team has worked with our clients, internationally, to develop strategic plans that have been implemented. One reason for our success is that we use a change framework within which the strategic planning takes place. Another reason is that we use our holistic approach, the Genuine Contact program, to engage people and keep them engaged throughout the process. The people who will implement the plan are involved in its development in ways in which they can contribute their best.

As we work with concepts and processes that help to ensure success with your strategic planning, we also design the strategic planning process to be completed in a short time frame and take other measures to prevent strategic plan fatigue that is so prevalent in organizations today.

When you engage our services to assist you in creating your strategic plan, you can expect to;

  • Get great benefit from your investment of time and money
  • Create involvement and buy-in to the strategic plan throughout the planning process by involving the people who are responsible for implementing the plan
  • Create a plan that has flexibility so it doesn’t become obsolete
  • Develop an organization-wide framework for measuring results for easily tracking progress
  • Improve results
  • Carrying out the planning process in such a way that morale is improved
  • Design a strategic plan your shareholders can understand and support

As well as a full report, the strategic plan is also presented in a two page document made up of your high level strategic goals and a strategy map that translates the high level goals into operations. The strategy map constitutes a number of sub-strategies outlining the internal processes that your organization must excel at in order to be successful in executing your strategic plan. It includes sub-strategies that summarize the capacity needed by your organization to be successful with your chosen strategic goals. This two page document is a handy reference to keep everyone on track.

Getting Started

Contact Birgitt Williams, President of Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. to schedule a free one-hour appointment to discuss your strategic planning needs. During this call, Birgitt will help you clarify why you want a strategic plan, she will ask questions about your preparedness for leading a strategy focused organization, get clarity about your expected outcomes, and find out from you who among your stakeholders you are thinking of involving in the creation of your strategic plan. During this session, Birgitt will expand on our approach to strategic planning. This session will provide insight for you about whether we are a good fit for you and your organization as the strategic planning consulting team.

Learning Opportunities

We offer learning modules that can be taken as part of engaging our services for strategic planning. Some of our clients choose to take these learning modules to increase the skills, knowledge and capacity within their organizations for strategic planning, strategic plan implementation, and the strategy focused organization. Each offers a valuable skill set for work with strategic planning or they can be taken together.