When Positive Change Doesn’t Always Feel Good

Change for the better, for something positive, for something you have been wanting…still brings about the dynamics associated with change. Dynamics like a sense of loss, resistance, or fear are common when it comes to facing change – whether it’s a desired positive change or not. Commitment to Change Individuals working on personal development and life improvements believe that they … Read More

It is Possible to Turn a Toxic Organization Around

First, the good news. It is possible to turn a toxic organization around. It can become a healthy, vibrant organization. You will notice measurable greater employee engagement. See a measurable narrowing of the gap between potential and results. You will notice a reduction in sick leave and other factors that plague a toxic organization. The turnaround to a healthy, vibrant organization … Read More

Emotional Pain as an Unavoidable Consequence of Doing Business

In his book Toxic Emotions at Work (2003, Harvard Business School Press), the late Dr. Peter Frost wrote about emotional pain as an unavoidable consequence of doing business. He said that while the sources for the pain varies, the results are the same. According to Frost, the results of emotional pain in the workplace include: disconnecting from work, lowering of … Read More

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