Leaving Behind Destructive and Limiting Patterns and Beliefs

In the course of leading my life, I have made it a practice to leave behind destructive and limiting patterns and beliefs. I can only leave these behind when I am aware that I am in a destructive and limiting pattern or belief. Coming across one of these can be distressing or even shocking. Watching how something has played out … Read More

Future Leaders At Play

Stopped at a red light, I noticed a YMCA bus going through the intersection. Written boldly along the side of the bus was ‘Future Leaders at Play’. It reminded me of a favorite task of my granddaughter at her elementary school–to have her turn as the line leader. You might think ‘how fantastic’. I do get excited when young people are … Read More

The Benefits of Pattern Disruption

As I was getting ready to write this post about the benefits of pattern disruption, I lost my favorite necklace. Now, I know better than to be attached to an object. Life including leadership of our lives  requires us to get better and better at skillfulness at letting go. And yet my shock at discovering when I  lost my precious necklace … Read More

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