Using Whole Person Process Facilitation as an Operating Matrix

The method for facilitating interactive, participatory, engaging meetings that we developed has an additional purpose beyond meeting facilitation. It can be difficult to grasp that using the exact same skills and knowledge, Whole Person Process Facilitation can be used as an Operating Matrix for a multi-day meeting. Imagine having a corporate retreat of two or three days. The purpose is to … Read More

Paying Attention to Consensus Reality in Organizations

You are probably familiar with the ‘hundredth monkey’ story, which is a foundational story about critical mass thinking. In this story, the monkeys on an island had never washed their food, nor did it appear that it was genetically encoded for them to wash their food. Some of the monkey were taught to wash their food, and they in turn taught … Read More

With You I Look Deeper Into Myself Than I Usually Do!

“With you I look deeper into myself than I usually do!” I heard this twice yesterday from two different people that I a guiding through some leadership development. I probed a little when I heard this, as I do. Was this evaluative comment spoken in gratitude or in some form of frustration? The answer didn’t surprise me as this is … Read More

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