Can’t We Just Keep It Simple?

One of the five beliefs that govern our work with Genuine Contact is the belief in ‘keeping it simple’. Leadership today requires success in complex situations and complex systems. ‘Keeping it simple’ does not ignore this complexity. Ignoring the complexity could be fatal. Rather, for me ‘keeping it simple’ has other meanings. Keeping it simple means that when figuring out how to handle … Read More

Do You Experience Yourself or Another as a Victim?

Years ago working in Abuja, Nigeria, the organization we were working with Management Strategies for Africa, provided us with the services of a driver. His name is Monday and he left a lasting impression on our lives. Monday grew up in a village, oldest son of eight children. Growing up in a village meant very little income and thus a … Read More

Approaching Life and Leadership Development Learning as an Adventure

Do you have the courage to think about embracing the new leadership paradigm of ‘Leading So People Will Lead’? Do you have the courage to embrace something radically different? When my children were young and I took them on trips and couldn’t find our destination, they had learned not to ask ‘are we lost’ but rather to ask ‘are we having an … Read More

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