Steps for improving your leadership by working with your fear

Blog posts in the spring of this year had a focus on fear and the disservice we do to leaders and leadership when we want and promote the ‘fearless leader’. Fear is real in all of us as part of the human species, maybe even more so sometimes in the leader as the leader must, by necessity of leadership, lead … Read More

Is it the fear of our ‘light’ that is getting in the way of leadership?

Marianne Williamson’s poem (best known as quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech) notes that we are most afraid of our ‘light’ even though in the world, people have a greater tendency to think that they are most afraid of defeat, or ruin, or harm. This poem has given a lot of people the challenge to consider accepting their … Read More

Beauty and the beast mythology helpful in leadership development

A common story or mythology in many cultures is a theme of ‘beauty and the beast‘. Beauty is often represented in the feminine form, but does not need to be so. At first, she is afraid of what is portrayed as the ‘beast‘, often portrayed as some form of mythical monster, usually male, but this does not need to be … Read More

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