Are You Solving the Right Problem?

In our experience, the problem a prospective client thinks they have is often different from the actual problem that needs solving. In some cases, the symptoms can have persisted for years with several interventions, hours of time and thousands of dollars invested to solve the problem they think they have without the hoped for results. Today’s tip is an invitation … Read More

Benefiting from Co-operation Partners: The Role and Responsibility of the Board of Directors

One way for Non-Profit organizations and agencies to make a bigger impact for their clients, patients and customers is to have successful Co-operation Partnerships. Benefiting from co-operation partners means that together with other organizations and agencies you can leverage each other’s skills, capacities and strengths to achieve your goals and be of greater impact to the people you serve. Co-operation … Read More

Choosing the Right Decision Making Model is Key for Non-Profit Board’s of Directors

Non-Profit Board’s of Directors (BOD), like leaders in other types of organizations, have models for decision making. A common one in North America is following ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’ . The voting process includes a proposal, another person seconding the proposal, some opportunity for discussion, and finally the call for a vote, usually by a show of hands of ‘for’ … Read More

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