Boundaries at Work

Last week we wrote about the importance of personal boundaries in team development. If you agree that personal boundaries at work are important, you might find yourself wondering “but what do those boundaries look like?”Your boundaries are a container.  Everything that is inside the container is what you are available for.  Everything that is outside of the container is what … Read More

Working Cooperatively Requires Boundaries

On elementary school report cards, there is a grade for ‘working well with others’. In organizations, people are expected to develop (or already have) the skillfulness of working well with others, in teams. In these times, people are expected to be able to transfer their skills and capacity for working cooperatively into cross-functional teams and task groups. As a child, … Read More

I am not Available for This…Story

I have been fascinated with the effects on a culture of the stories that get told over time. People want to work and live in a life nurturing culture, and yet their own frequently told stories add to the life-depleting culture…just what they say that they don’t want. When friends get together, they don’t talk about all that is going … Read More

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