Episode 7: Capacity Development

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3NC8BKjUrtGBRUPPubn2QM?si=C78puQdWToe4Nw2gw6qgpA In this series, we’re focusing on nourishing a culture of leadership by applying timeless principles of life to the art of leadership. In this episode, we’re exploring the principle of capacity development. As humans, we can choose to continuously develop our capacity…or not. We’re exploring simple ways to focus on building your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacity in … Read More

Working with Nature – A Leadership Capacity

I felt that this conversation in a recent peer with peer mentoring circle was valuable to share with you, worthy of consideration for your life, and for your work. The topic that came up was about developing our leadership to work with nature rather than against artificially working against nature. We used the four seasons as an example to stimulate … Read More

A Formula for Change: D x V x F >R

One of the most valuable formulas to use as a framework for change was developed by the late Kathleen Dannemiller. It provides guidance for all of us who work with whole system change including the most challenging task: organizational transformation. I share this formula with you and I ask you to use your imagination to take into account one simple … Read More

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