A Formula for Change: D x V x F >R

One of the most valuable formulas to use as a framework for change was developed by the late Kathleen Dannemiller. It provides guidance for all of us who work with whole system change including the most challenging task: organizational transformation. I share this formula with you and I ask you to use your imagination to take into account one simple … Read More

How You Define Yourself Affects Successful Change

How do you define yourself? Have you ever stopped to think about it? The Story You Tell Yourself Pay attention to the narrative you tell yourself about yourself. That voice in your head tells you a lot of stories about yourself throughout the day.  All day, every day. As you pay attention to these stories, you may be surprised. You … Read More

When Positive Change Doesn’t Always Feel Good

Change for the better, for something positive, for something you have been wanting…still brings about the dynamics associated with change. Dynamics like a sense of loss, resistance, or fear are common when it comes to facing change – whether it’s a desired positive change or not. Commitment to Change Individuals working on personal development and life improvements believe that they … Read More

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