Engagement: A Key Ingredient for Successful Organizational Change

Engagement by the senior leader and the leadership team is a key ingredient in successful intentional change work. When we work with clients in an intentional change process (sometimes called change management process), one of our first steps is making sure the senior leader and leadership team have an understanding of what it means to commit to intentional change work. … Read More

Understanding Intentional Change

In order to embed the standard business practices into an intentional change process, it is helpful to understand a little more about change. What is it? Lawler and Worley, in their book Built to Change give the definition of change that we find most useful in assisting our clients to be successful with their intentional change work. They define three … Read More

3 Focuses to Thrive in Change and Leave a Lasting Legacy

As a leader, you want to leave a lasting legacy behind you when your leadership of an organization comes to an end.  A legacy of having led a great (not just good) organization.  One of the factors that is critical for this kind of success, in any industry, in the for-profit or not-for-profit sectors, in any country in the world, … Read More

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