What is Whole Person Process Facilitation?

Organizations of all kinds have meetings, retreats, and development sessions. Meeting facilitation processes designed to get the most out of a meeting are invaluable, and much better than simply rolling through an agenda. In meetings of all kinds, it is essential for the people involved to have learned something sufficiently that it can be retained and retrieved post-meeting. You want … Read More

Improving Strategy Execution

In both private and public sector enterprises, the rate of failure in executing strategies into results remains high. There is considerable effort going into developing new strategies for increasing success rates. One of the current trends to drive completion of strategic goals by using human capital analytics to identify which ‘talent’ (meaning people) had the profiles to drive to goal completion. While … Read More

Benefiting from Co-operation Partners: The Role and Responsibility of the Board of Directors

One way for Non-Profit organizations and agencies to make a bigger impact for their clients, patients and customers is to have successful Co-operation Partnerships. Benefiting from co-operation partners means that together with other organizations and agencies you can leverage each other’s skills, capacities and strengths to achieve your goals and be of greater impact to the people you serve. Co-operation … Read More

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