Episode 14: Community

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0vcGLzj26POYDa8cbGPY1Q?si=3f284124e8264e7a In this series, we’re focusing on nourishing a culture of leadership by applying timeless principles of life to the art of leadership. In this episode, we’re exploring Community. As a leader, it’s important to recognize the difference between organizational development and community development. And that community development is as important to pay attention to for organizational success as organizational … Read More

Collective Intelligence: Part Two

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Working with archetypes My exploration has taken me through an interesting journey that often challenged my previously held perspectives, causing me to discard patterns of thought and behavior that no longer fit for me and my previous perspective of reality. I have met fascinating people around the world, and no matter what country I am in, I meet people who … Read More