The Pause…Important in Conflict Prevention

Learning about conflict and strategies and techniques for helping people resolve conflict in organizations also meant that I would benefit from being better equipped for resolving conflict in my own life. What I didn’t anticipate, and has been of exceptional value to me, is that my learning about conflict resolution has resulted in conflict prevention too. When I integrated the … Read More

Resolve Conflict with this 2 Step Approach to Real Resolution

All organizations have within them situations of conflict. The energy used for the conflict is energy that is not available for getting the work of the organization done. There are many reasons for conflict. People engaged in conflict are usually so fixed on one perspective, that they rarely ask each other genuine questions, nor are they prepared to really listen … Read More

Conflict Prevention Through Capacity Development

Conflict in any organization is expensive.Conflict resolution can be a long and expensive process too. Therefore, the best solution to unhealthy conflict is a conflict prevention strategy. Do you have conflict prevention strategies in your workplace? The kind of conflict I’m referring to here is unhealthy conflict, not the healthy conflict that is normal and needed for innovation and growth … Read More

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