What is Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution?

Our clients who contact us for help in resolving a conflict in their organization agree that different cultures are involved in the conflict. One leader quickly pointed out the different cultural backgrounds of the people on the team. Another leader pointed out that the cultural difference that was making it difficult to resolve the conflict was that the people from the different … Read More

Are You Solving the Right Problem?

In our experience, the problem a prospective client thinks they have is often different from the actual problem that needs solving. In some cases, the symptoms can have persisted for years with several interventions, hours of time and thousands of dollars invested to solve the problem they think they have without the hoped for results. Today’s tip is an invitation … Read More

The Power of Limits as both a Strength and Paradox for Leadership

One of the greatest breakthroughs that our clients experience is through developing the capacity of handling paradoxical concepts simultaneously. One example of this that we teach in our Extraordinary Leadership development workshops is the paradox of embracing order as a condition necessary for growth, while simultaneously embracing chaos as a condition necessary for innovation. Imagine right now how you feel about … Read More

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