Episode 1: Abundance

In this series, we’re focusing on nourishing a culture of leadership by applying timeless principles of life to the art of leadership. In this episode, we’re exploring the principle of abundance and how cultivating a belief in an abundant universe can impact your leadership and the results you experience in your organization. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3KNmDyv6FyGtMvB7DB1KoR

Leadership, Hurricanes, the Known and the Unknown

Leadership into the unknown and weathering hurricanes has a lot in common. I am not saying that leaders experience hurricanes all of the time. For periods, leadership can feel as though it is in familiar territory with known patterns and outcomes. During other periods, sometimes in relation to the same event or situation, the experience is one of leading into … Read More

An Incredible Leadership Advantage…Benefiting From the Stories People Tell

The people in an organization know a lot about what is going right and what is not. This information often doesn’t benefit the organization as it is shared at the water cooler, the parking lot or at home…but not in the organization itself. You might be thinking that you are accessing this information via interviews, surveys, or focus groups. Surprisingly, … Read More

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