Diversity and Inclusion: Developing Self Awareness

When you commit to valuing diversity and wanting to provide leadership to create conditions for equity, inclusion, and belonging, an important first step is to develop greater awareness about yourself in this work. Self awareness is part of the journey of being in genuine contact with yourself. Today, I am wondering if you struggle with the deep stuff? A Deep … Read More

Building a Solid Foundation for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

If your leadership development goal is to learn to guide people in what it takes to achieve inclusion, equity, and belonging, you need ways to work with people’s tendencies to: react strongly develop assumptions see what they expect to see, consciously or subconsciously In my work with systems change and organizational transformation, I have noticed these tendencies showing up even … Read More

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Fitting In, Belonging

Leaders, consultants, and coaches are increasingly determined to guide their organizations to have greater diversity. And to ensure that diversity is valued. We assume this at Dalar because it’s a conversation that’s happening more and more in our coaching and consulting work. But what does diversity mean in these conversations? We ask what they mean when they speak about diversity. … Read More