The Work of Grief

Finding yourself in grief is inevitable. You may have had a loss in your private life. You, your colleagues and friends may have had an event in your work or community life that triggers a grief response. Change is constant and loss accompanies change. None of us is immune, none of us can avoid loss either individually or collectively. Most … Read More

What is Your Level of Trust in Your Organization?

I meet with a CEO. She says “I have figured out that people here don’t trust me. I can even see how this lack of trust is affecting our business. I have been watching people talk out in the parking lot. I am aware that they are talking about me, about our leadership team, and about how they don’t trust … Read More

Can’t We Just Keep It Simple?

One of the five beliefs that govern our work with Genuine Contact is the belief in ‘keeping it simple’. Leadership today requires success in complex situations and complex systems. ‘Keeping it simple’ does not ignore this complexity. Ignoring the complexity could be fatal. Rather, for me ‘keeping it simple’ has other meanings. Keeping it simple means that when figuring out how to handle … Read More

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