Examining Our Relationship with Truth

All around us, in any type of media, there is ample evidence of public opinion being bent in particular directions, required by some entity be it government, corporations, or other interest groups. This reality of having at best a contradictory relationship with truth, affects us as individuals and affects the culture of our organizations. In general, people do not like … Read More

Working With Truth?

I have found that in living and working the Genuine Contact way, people experience times and situations of discomfort. In my observations, the discomfort seems to be related to truth. Discomfort #1: There is a challenge to be truthful with oneself about oneself to the extent possible. I say, to the extent possible because being able to be truthful with … Read More

The Whole is Other Than the Sum of the Parts

Recently, I researched the topic of alchemy. You might wonder what alchemy has to do with leadership and why this topic was worthy of research. Alchemy is the first topic we are covering in our Leadership Development in a Coffee Break series in the Extraordinary Leadership Network. From my perspectives, leadership must include alchemy as a key to successful leadership. … Read More

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