What do you understand about being in joy?

People in leadership who come to me to learn have an interest in figuring out how to nourish a culture of leadership in their organizations. The first exploratory question that I ask the leaders I am mentoring is ‘what do you understand about being in joy?’ This can lead to consternation in the reply ‘what does my joy have to do with business? … Read More

Might You Have Underestimated the Value of Your Leadership Paradigm?

Do you have a leadership paradigm in your organization that creates a culture conducive to thriving in constant change? We invite you to consider that you might have underestimated the value of your leadership paradigm. The leadership paradigm in your organization defines whether you do or do not have a culture that is conducive to agility, flexibility, gender equality, innovation, solution … Read More

Leadership Competencies for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership

Full Day Leadership Development Workshop On Our Upcoming Book Tour As promised in my blog of September 25th when I announced the upcoming book tour, I would let you know more details about the events of this book tour. Most of the venues for the book tour will include a three hour interactive workshop on day one, and a full … Read More

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