Getting Comfortable in Talking About Personal Power

How comfortable are you with your own power? The power you have for living, doing your part in your family, in your team, your organization, your community? For those who are determined to lead their lives in positive ways, it is imperative to be comfortable and confident with your own power. I am mentoring a female manager. The topic of … Read More

Is Borrowed Anger Affecting You or Your Organization?

It is a very simple question: “Are You Borrowing Someone Else’s Anger?”. These days, I am noticing a lot of people expressing a lot of anger. I notice this in the media, social media, and in the organizations for whom I am a consultant. As I pay attention to the anger, I notice that a great deal of the anger … Read More

The Benefits of Pattern Disruption

As I was getting ready to write this post about the benefits of pattern disruption, I lost my favorite necklace. Now, I know better than to be attached to an object. Life including leadership of our lives  requires us to get better and better at skillfulness at letting go. And yet my shock at discovering when I  lost my precious necklace … Read More

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