Each of Us Is an Influencer of Wellbeing

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Each of us has work as leaders, coaches, consultants, and facilitators that influences wellbeing. If we so choose, we can, each and every one of us, be an influencer of wellbeing. To be an influencer of wellbeing is a choice. We all have the capacity and the power to do so! As an influencer of well being, you can help … Read More

Developing Your Leadership Requires Self Love, Self Worth, Self Confidence

Our intention is to support you in developing your leadership. One of the many gifts you have in life is the gift of leadership, applying leadership to your life, and offering leadership out into your world. You, like everyone, have more leadership potential in you to develop. The choice is yours. Leadership in Challenging Times Despite the challenges of these … Read More

Getting Comfortable in Talking About Personal Power

How comfortable are you with your own power? The power you have for living, doing your part in your family, in your team, your organization, your community? For those who are determined to lead their lives in positive ways, it is imperative to be comfortable and confident with your own power. I am mentoring a female manager. The topic of … Read More

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