Be In Your Power – What does it mean?

To be in your power. What picture does it bring up? Speaking up for yourself. Standing firmly for what you believe. Being clear about who you are. Speaking your truth.  Or maybe something else.  Maybe it sounds like personal development buzzwords that don’t really mean much to you. How about to be in your power as a leader? What does … Read More

Measuring Leadership Capacity via Units of Energy

Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself 3 simple questions. These questions help me to look after my energy management, so I have what it takes to get through a busy day.  The 3 questions that I ask myself are: Am I leaking energy? If so, what is this about? What can I do in this moment as … Read More

Are You Willing to Take the First Step Needed Now to Achieve Organizational Health and Balance?

Organizational health and balance is an important foundation for organizational success. It is the pre-condition necessary for all parts of the organization to function at peak performance. Achieving healthy balanced organizations that operate at peak performance requires the co-operation and investment of two parties: leadership and the individuals within the organization. The first party is leadership. When leadership attends to … Read More

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