Why we promise engagement…but never safety or comfort

It’s a common message we hear from leaders we work with. You want safety and your comfort zone maintained in a meeting, all while insisting you want something to change! We facilitate a lot of meetings designed for highly engaged participation. One trap that we do not fall into is promising the participants that we look after ensuring their safety … Read More

Harvesting the Best Ideas

People want to be successful. They want their workplace, their non-profit organization, their neighborhood association, their congregation and their family to be successful. Wanting success is the nature of people. As well, people like to give input to do their part to achieve that success. The best ideas of the workforce in most organizations are never heard in the organization … Read More

How my love for well done meetings began!

I am thinking about how my love of well done meetings started and then carried out as a theme through over four decades. My first awareness of the importance of a meeting was when I was twenty and in the employ of a non-profit, that was mandated to assist people in prisons. My job was with the wives/partners of men … Read More

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