Supporting People Beyond the “Click Off” That Occurs When Faced With Change

Imagine, if you will, that you are in a conversation about something that requires change. The conversation may be at work, at home, in the community. The change may be big or little. It is out of the comfort zone of the person you are in conversation with. The conversation may occur as a result of something being learned in … Read More

Mentoring with ‘Out of the Box’ Strategies

This morning, sitting on our front porch, listening to the wind chimes, sipping a cup of coffee, I was engaged in one of my favorite daily activities. I love reading science fiction fantasy and I was again savoring the work of Robert Jordan in his epic undertaking of the Wheel of Time. And then it happened. When I read, a … Read More

Is a Focus on Learning Organization as Useful as a Focus on Mentoring Circles?

An Executive Director of a local Non-Profit organization asked if I could mentor his leadership team to become a learning organization. For clarity, I asked him whether he was intending the Learning Organization as per Peter Senge’s work. He said “no”. He had read that it was important to learn from ‘mistakes’ rather than to perceive the mistakes as failures … Read More

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