Are Leaders Ready to Lead So People Will Lead?

I am an advocate of a leadership culture in which leadership is carried out in such a way that it supports people throughout the organization, regardless of title, to develop their leadership. In supporting people to develop their leadership, these leaders create a leadership culture where people will lead, rather than follow. It creates unique conditions for the people in … Read More

Leadership, Hurricanes, the Known and the Unknown

Leadership into the unknown and weathering hurricanes has a lot in common. I am not saying that leaders experience hurricanes all of the time. For periods, leadership can feel as though it is in familiar territory with known patterns and outcomes. During other periods, sometimes in relation to the same event or situation, the experience is one of leading into … Read More

It is Possible to Turn a Toxic Organization Around

First, the good news. It is possible to turn a toxic organization around. It can become a healthy, vibrant organization. You will notice measurable greater employee engagement. See a measurable narrowing of the gap between potential and results. You will notice a reduction in sick leave and other factors that plague a toxic organization. The turnaround to a healthy, vibrant organization … Read More

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