Be In Your Power – What does it mean?

To be in your power. What picture does it bring up? Speaking up for yourself. Standing firmly for what you believe. Being clear about who you are. Speaking your truth.  Or maybe something else.  Maybe it sounds like personal development buzzwords that don’t really mean much to you. How about to be in your power as a leader? What does … Read More

Emotional Pain as an Unavoidable Consequence of Doing Business

In his book Toxic Emotions at Work (2003, Harvard Business School Press), the late Dr. Peter Frost wrote about emotional pain as an unavoidable consequence of doing business. He said that while the sources for the pain varies, the results are the same. According to Frost, the results of emotional pain in the workplace include: disconnecting from work, lowering of … Read More

Future Leaders At Play

Stopped at a red light, I noticed a YMCA bus going through the intersection. Written boldly along the side of the bus was ‘Future Leaders at Play’. It reminded me of a favorite task of my granddaughter at her elementary school–to have her turn as the line leader. You might think ‘how fantastic’. I do get excited when young people are … Read More

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