Getting Started in Creating a Culture of Leadership using Open Space Technology

One of the best ways to create and nourish a culture of leadership is to use meetings as a catalyst. A fantastic method for carrying out interactive, highly participative meetings in which people experience their own leadership is Open Space Technology. I have favored the use of this meeting method since 1992 when I was an early pioneer with this … Read More

Leader Development vs Leadership Development

It is helpful to consider what is commonly called ‘leadership training’ as actually being ‘leader training’.There is a difference, especially regarding application of leadership, and it matters. Recently I met with a well seasoned ‘Leadership Development’ trainer. She is deeply dedicated to the development of people, and has devoted her career to Leadership Development. This trainer said she noticed me being quoted … Read More

Annual Organizational Health Checkup

If you are like most people, you probably go to your doctor for an annual checkup. You want to know if something is wrong. You want to know if you are in good health. If something needs improvement to get your back to your optimal health, you want some kind of plan. The annual checkup helps you to know that … Read More

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