What is Open Space Technology

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One of our preferred methods when we are asked to facilitate a group  is Open Space Technology (OST). Our clients, whether in the private or public sector, get results from an OST meeting greater in both quantity and quality than they initially thought possible. After a simple planning process, the facilitators structure the meeting and then for most of the meeting … Read More

Project Turnaround

What might you do if you have a project and despite your best efforts, despite excellent leadership and terrific people on the team, the project is in trouble? Project management is a science unto itself. Within this science, there are ways to bring a project back into line if it is running into difficulty. Sometimes that is enough. Sometimes it … Read More

Collective Intelligence: Part 6

The advent of positive psychology Judging by the focus of people’s thoughts and conversations, knowing what works seems to be harder to know than what doesn’t work. The newly emerging field of positive psychology was formally birthed in the 1990’s, highlighting that more than 90 percent of published articles in psychology were of something not working, with only a small … Read More

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