Working with Nature – A Leadership Capacity

I felt that this conversation in a recent peer with peer mentoring circle was valuable to share with you, worthy of consideration for your life, and for your work. The topic that came up was about developing our leadership to work with nature rather than against artificially working against nature. We used the four seasons as an example to stimulate … Read More

Medicine Wheel Tool: A Simple Yet Powerful Tool for Organizational Development

The Medicine Wheel Tool is one of the most simple yet most powerful tools we work with in our organizational change and transformation work.  Indeed, this model is used as a foundation for nearly all of our work with clients around the world. It is one of the eleven key component of the Genuine Contact™ program. Our Dalar team created … Read More

Consider the Importance of a Healthy Terrain for Your Organization

You might ask, “what does a terrain have to do with an organization?” I am not sure about other words to use as a terrain is greater than a system, greater than a culture, greater than a structure, greater than a strategic plan, and yet it encompasses all of these and more. A phrase attributed to the late Louis Pasteur … Read More

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