Organizational Change Barriers

Formal leaders and the individuals in organizations can usually get into quite a story of what is wrong in their organizations. They may have different opinions about the cause. There are usually many opinions on the best solution too. But talking about problems is a common occurrence. When the story gets too big or too loud, that’s often when formal leaders … Read More

Effective Change Efforts – Our Experience

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing with you key elements for consideration whenever an organization is about to begin intentional change process. Wrapping up this series on change, today we’re sharing 11 critical factors for effective change efforts.  After 3 decades of experience, we can say with confidence that the more of these factors that are present, the … Read More

Paying Attention to Consensus Reality in Organizations

You are probably familiar with the ‘hundredth monkey’ story, which is a foundational story about critical mass thinking. In this story, the monkeys on an island had never washed their food, nor did it appear that it was genetically encoded for them to wash their food. Some of the monkey were taught to wash their food, and they in turn taught … Read More

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