I am not Available for This…Story

I have been fascinated with the effects on a culture of the stories that get told over time. People want to work and live in a life nurturing culture, and yet their own frequently told stories add to the life-depleting culture…just what they say that they don’t want. When friends get together, they don’t talk about all that is going … Read More

An Incredible Leadership Advantage…Benefiting From the Stories People Tell

The people in an organization know a lot about what is going right and what is not. This information often doesn’t benefit the organization as it is shared at the water cooler, the parking lot or at home…but not in the organization itself. You might be thinking that you are accessing this information via interviews, surveys, or focus groups. Surprisingly, … Read More

The Backstory….Are you getting it? And does it matter if you do?

Superheros always have a backstory that compels them forward in their hero’s journey. Whether it’s the violent loss of loved ones, a science experiment (or science accident) with unexpected outcomes, or a benevolent being gifting them with a powerful talisman, each superhero’s backstory helps to shape their future story. As we watch their bravery unfold on the big screen, knowing that … Read More

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