Creating an Operating Matrix to become Strategy Focused

When we teach about the operating system, or operating matrix, for an organization, we use the metaphor of a computer’s operating system. We ask “when was the last time you updated the operating system of your computer?”. The answer is sometime recently. People know that if the operating system of a computer is out of date, the apps that they … Read More

Accomplishing Strategic Goals Execution

I was recently mentoring an organizational consultant that I have great respect for and the topic of conversation was how to help her client put strategic goals into action. The client was developing some operating plans and realized that something wasn’t working to get the teams moving towards success with the plans. As consultants, when we do strategic planning, we include … Read More

Are You Solving the Right Problem?

In our experience, the problem a prospective client thinks they have is often different from the actual problem that needs solving. In some cases, the symptoms can have persisted for years with several interventions, hours of time and thousands of dollars invested to solve the problem they think they have without the hoped for results. Today’s tip is an invitation … Read More

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