What is Whole Person Process Facilitation?

Organizations of all kinds have meetings, retreats, and development sessions. Meeting facilitation processes designed to get the most out of a meeting are invaluable, and much better than simply rolling through an agenda. In meetings of all kinds, it is essential for the people involved to have learned something sufficiently that it can be retained and retrieved post-meeting. You want … Read More

Project Turnaround

What might you do if you have a project and despite your best efforts, despite excellent leadership and terrific people on the team, the project is in trouble? Project management is a science unto itself. Within this science, there are ways to bring a project back into line if it is running into difficulty. Sometimes that is enough. Sometimes it … Read More

Collective Intelligence: Part 5

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Use of participatory meetings to access collective intelligence Immediately upon this gift of the Medicine Wheel being released and my awareness of it, in rapid succession, I met Harrison Owen and learned about facilitating a meeting using his method of Open Space Technology (Owen, Harrison. Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 1997); I met Angeles Arrien and … Read More

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