Taking a Personal Journey to Live Truth

When I started writing about truth in our Feb 4th blog, I didn’t realize that I was starting a three part series. Yet, here I am in the third part of what has become a series. I feel the topic of truth is extremely important for individuals and organizations, and for humanity as a whole. In my opinion, living truth is an idea whose time has come.

It feels important to say a little about how you might start with living truth in your own life. Your own life is a great place to begin. In The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, I give a description about an exercise called ‘noticing’. This is a useful exercise to increase personal capacity to be in genuine contact with oneself, and in learning to live truth. Even if you engage in a noticing exercise for only fifteen minutes a day, you will discover that you start seeing the world differently. If you make a habit of noticing through the course of the day, you really see the world differently. Imagine giving yourself the task of a fifteen minute exercise of noticing what appears to be true as you scan news on the internet or in a newspaper or news magazine. Focus on noticing what seems true. The exercise is simple and adjusts your ability to observe what is what is not truth.

If you begin with this exercise, you will probably start noticing when you are being truthful and when you are not. You will start noticing when the intention behind what you are saying is inconsistent with what you are saying. For example your intention might be that you don’t have time for a meeting but need to be somewhere else and you are saying to the person in front of you ‘I have an open door policy and am so happy you have come in’. You will find yourself, as a result of your noticing, getting increasingly uncomfortable with the inconsistency between your spirit of intent and what you are saying.

You will shift more and more to living truth. It may take time as their is a lot of conditioning to overcome as well as a fair amount of fear.

I would love to hear your experiences of living truth.

Birgitt Williams
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