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Whole Person Process Facilitation WorkshopDeep Work with Whole Person Process Facilitation
January 9-15, 2023 | Online

You will have an opportunity early in the learning process to reflect on and crystalize your expected outcomes in relation to the following teaching objectives for Deep Work with Whole Person Process Facilitation

  • Developing clarity regarding what you are setting in motion when you work with WPPF
  • Developing an understanding of the dynamics of using an interactive participatory method
  • Exploring the value of framing every use of WPPF for embracing of diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging
  • Defining WPPF from experiencing it as a textured method that is felt even if not easily defined in words
  • Working with emotional, physical, mental and spirit streams of consciousness of the individual and of the collective
  • Integrating bridging between activities for a coherent whole
  • Exploring what is to be accomplished in a meeting and translating this into the teaching objectives for your meeting…an integral part of the facilitation design
  • Learning to choose how you will meet those objectives and understanding why you are making these choices
  • Learning to work with the WPPF meeting to achieve individual and collective coherence of mind, heart, action and understanding the importance of true coherence that allows for diversity, creativity, innovation within coherence
  • To capture what we individually and collectively know about WPPF and applying WPPF into a book that will be published as an ebook within 2023 and as a hard copy book soon thereafter – with you as a contributing author (if you choose) based on your experience so far

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Path to Organizational Health and BalancePath to Organizational Health and Balance
March 24 & 31, 2023 | Online

In this learning program you will discover:

  • Key questions for looking at your own organization from a practical holistic framework
  • Insights and knowledge to reduce the gap between the potential and results
  • insights and knowledge to nourish a culture of leadership
  • Increased capacity to assist your organization to thrive
  • Increased leadership skills, knowledge and capacity for leading in a culture requiring agility, flexibility, and solutions in a performance environment of constant change
  • Skills, tools, and knowledge to improve employee engagement
  • An understanding of how to work with the Grief Cycle that affects personal and organizational well-being
  • Simple tools to take back to your organization for initiating conversations about what is needed in the operating matrix of your organization
  • Knowledge of how to increase the capacity of your organization to work to positively impact your bottom line: the effectiveness of training programs, the effectiveness of customer service and quality assurance, health and well-being of your employees, and a reduction of stress-related costs
  • Tips and knowledge for improving employee engagement

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Achieving Organizational Health and BalanceAchieving and Regenerating Organizational Health and Balance
April 21 & 28, May 5 & 12, 2023 | Online

In this learning program you will discover:

  • A practical holistic diagnostic framework for review, analysis, and assessment of your organization
  • Simple and duplicable tools for achieving and maintaining long-term organizational health
  • Knowledge of how to increase the capacity of your organization to work with these rapidly changing times
  • Working knowledge of simple to use multi-purpose tools: the Medicine Wheel Tool©, the Deep Essence Tool©, the Grief Cycle, the Organizational Lifecycle, and the Storyline
  • A completed organizational health and balance diagnosis of your organization, from your perspective (or from the perspective of your Management Team/Board if you attend together)
  • An understanding of the importance of relationships, that are based on genuine contact, to achieve results beyond your expectations

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Strategic Planning WorkshopStrategic Planning the Genuine Contact Way
July 3-7, 2023 | Summer Academy 2023 | India

Strategic planning is an important tool for closing the gap between potential and results of an organization. A culture of leadership requires a strategic plan.

Having a plan isn’t enough. Research carried out by Norton and Kaplan at Harvard concludes that 70-90% of strategic plans fail to be executed.

Strategic Planning done the Genuine Contact Way is designed to mentor leaders in developing the competencies, capabilities, and capacity to successfully lead strategic planning and implementation in their organizations. Leaders will develop their skills, knowledge, confidence, and commitment to lead this work masterfully. Leaders will learn how to turn great ideas in their organization into outstanding results by creating clarity, alignment, and a systematic approach to evaluating and managing organizational performance.

Throughout this learning program, you will learn:

  • the critical ingredients for developing a strategic plan that actually gets implemented instead of just sitting on a shelf gathering dust
  • simple processes you can use to engage your organization while developing the plan to tap into the collective wisdom of your people for innovation, wise action, and extraordinary results
  • how to develop the strategic planning process to create join-in from the beginning rather than trying to convince your people to buy into the plan once it’s done

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Individual Health and BalanceIndividual Health and Balance
November 24, December 1, 8 & 15, 2023 | Online

Gaining, maintaining, and realigning your health and balance is a key to developing your leadership capacity. There are many demands placed on that capacity and the return on investment in yourself makes good business sense. For those engaged in leadership, personally or professionally, learning how to achieve and maintain individual health and balance has become increasingly important in these rapidly changing times. Everyone in the organization including those in leadership feels the added pressures of a performance environment that is in constant change. As leaders, you can reduce the effects of this added pressure by applying what you learn in this workshop. Your well-being is a key leadership capacity for organizational well-being.

If you’re like most of the people we work with, you are engaged in leadership, both professionally and in your private life. Because of the demands and stresses of leadership, you need to take extra care of your well-being. You need to have the capacity to operate at peak performance for the marathon that leadership is, over the long haul and not just for the short sprint.

You will

  • discover simple and effective concepts, tools and techniques to achieve individual health and balance
  • experience simple-to-use techniques to support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and balance
  • be able to use what you learn to realign yourself with health and balance when you notice yourself slipping being bumped out of health and balance mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

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Self-Study Programs

In addition to our real-time learning opportunities, there are a variety of self-study programs available to support you in your learning about nourishing a culture of leadership. These workshops are offered as self-study with accompanying 1:1 mentoring to support you in deepening your learning. If you prefer self-study to group learning or are interested in learning one of these modules more quickly than the next public offering, check out the self-study modules available to you here.

Complete Learning Program

Don't see the workshop you're looking for in our upcoming programs? Below you'll find a complete list of our workshops as well as ways to participate in the workshop you are interested in.

The workshops are presented here as individual learning opportunities. If you are interested in a particular learning focus (i.e. leadership development, strategic planning, meeting design and facilitation, etc.) check out our services offerings for recommended learning bundles to support you in achieving your development goals.

Genuine Contact Program Workshops

Every Genuine Contact™ Program workshop is designed to provide techniques, tools, and concepts that have multiple applications for leadership, facilitation, consulting, and managing. Every workshop module provides a unique set of skills and knowledge as well developing the capacity of the participant. Taking the whole series provides a useful impactful learning intensive for those who need means of finding optimal organizational solutions in ways that are fast, simple and duplicable.

Genuine Contact Way Workshops

These workshops, created by Birgitt Williams with the support of Ward Williams and Rachel Amanda, teach you how to create and nourish a culture of leadership within your organization. They are designed to support you in furthering learnings based on The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, written by Birgitt Williams.

Beliefs for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership

Beliefs for Nourishing
a Culture of Leadership

Creating and Nourishing a Culture of Leadership

Creating and Nourishing
a Culture of Leadership

Participation Options

If we don't have the workshop you are looking for in our upcoming schedule, you can consider:

  • Adding your name to the waiting list. We'll notify you as soon as dates have been scheduled or with enough interested participants schedule a workshop outside of our regular calendar. Just head to the workshop you're interested in and fill in your details.
  • Offering an in-house training. If a group of people in your organization would benefit from learning together, contact us to find out about bringing a workshop in-house. (minimum 6 participants, available worldwide)
  • Sponsoring a workshop in your community. If you are part of a small business, not-for-profit or other community-based organization, consider sponsoring a workshop in your community. We'll provide you with guidance and marketing materials for inviting others to join you in this learning opportunity. With our workshop sponsorship program, you will participate for free and can also earn income from the workshop. Contact us to learn more about sponsoring a workshop (minimum 10 participants, available worldwide).
  • Learn from other Genuine Contact Professionals. While we are the creators of the Genuine Contact Program, there are over 100 authorized trainers with workshops available worldwide. You can see the full program offering here.