consultants-and-coachesAs an OD manager, consultant, moderator, trainer, mentor or coach, there are times and situations when you may want some help. During the past two decades, we have helped consultants and coaches just like you from all over the world to enhance their skills, tools, techniques, concepts, knowledge, and wisdom. We have helped to solve prickly problems.

Re-energize and Re-inspire

Sometimes, the greatest service that is provided to those from around the world who seek us out is to increase your confidence and help to re-energize and re-inspire. Whether internal to an organization or working from a position external to the organization, this field of work can feel very lonely and isolated. There is so much giving involved, with insufficient replenishing of personal energy. Enthusiasm and confidence can sag. We can help to grow that enthusiasm and confidence again.


Mentoring Consultants During Complex Projects

Internal and external consultants, trained in the Genuine Contact way of working, engage our services to mentor them in their work with complex projects. They do this if the big project involves organizational change, and organizational transformation so that they can tap into the knowledge from our decades of experience with change work.

Your Next Steps

We’re pleased to offer you a complimentary Business Breakthrough session with consultant and coach Rachel Bolton. She will guide you through a discernment process to clarify your personal development goals.  You will come out of this session with clarity about the outcomes that you want from your development, a practical plan for immediate next steps, and suggestions for which of our services and training offerings are right for you.

Based on your unique development goals, we will recommend that you participate in your learning through one or more of:

  • one to one coaching and mentoring
  • skill development workshops
  • participation in an international online forum of peer to peer mentoring

Fill out this brief self-assessment and Rachel Bolton will be in touch within 1 business day to schedule your complimentary Business Breakthrough session.