Organizations and Communities - Who We ServeYou may be ready to have a thought partner in a mentoring role to help you think through what you need to do to close the gap between potential and results.

Ideal times for coaching/consulting for organizations and communities:

  • in the initial formation of an organization
  • when unexpected opportunities come up
  • when the answer to overcoming challenges is unclear
  • when the organization needs a new direction
  • when growth and expansion is rapid
  • when all is going well
  • when a need has arisen that requires significant organization-wide change

Supporting Organizations and Communities

We have helped leaders, their organizations and communities with their desired outcomes of:

  • Finding solutions quickly
  • Developing a culture of leadership
  • Aligning accountability, responsibility, authority for teams and individuals
  • Development of foundational operating matrix for new projects and new organizations
  • Improvement and adjustment of foundational operating matrix for existing projects and organizations
  • Collaborations in communities and development agencies for long term community benefit
  • Community engagement, customer engagement, stakeholder engagement
  • Transforming the corporate culture to one that fosters high achievement, high performance, innovation, creativity and high staff morale
  • Developing high performing leadership teams
  • Renewing purpose, vision, and philosophy, and integrating them into the organization quickly
  • Establishing strategic directions and integrating them into the organization quickly
  • Uniting in one corporate culture after a merger
  • Collaborating strategically between organizations and between departments
  • Strategic planning and master planning
  • Strategy focused organizations that successfully execute the strategic plan and focus on solutions
  • Resolving and moving beyond hostility and conflict and improving relationship capacity
  • Communicating risk and developing risk management processes
  • Preparing for accreditation
  • Governance of non-profit organizations
  • New product development
  • Developing innovative sales, marketing, and customer service strategies
  • Creating long term customer loyalty
  • Improving work processes, work design, teamwork, and management practices on a sustainable basis
  • Implementing new programs, policies and procedures

Your Next Steps

We’re pleased to offer you a complimentary Organizational Breakthrough session with senior consultant Birgitt Williams.  During this 1-hour call, Birgitt will assist you in clarifying your current business goals and discern with you what the next best steps are to take in achieving them including an understanding of how we can best support your organization at this time. During the consultation, you will also receive and learn a simple multi-purpose tool used for clarification of thoughts for any situation that you can take away to use within your organization.

Fill out this brief self-assessment and Birgitt Williams will be in touch within 1 business day to schedule your complimentary organizational breakthrough session.