Teams and Projects - who we serveWhen all goes well, people on teams and projects are highly energized at the start of coming together.  Sustaining that high level of engagement is essential to:

  • get the job done over time and on time
  • achieve the outcomes you have committed to
  • retain a positive morale.

This challenge of creating and sustaining high levels of engagement is faced by leaders of all teams and projects. It is made more challenging by the requirement to perform and be held accountable in a performance environment of constant change.

We know from working with leaders of teams and projects around the world that you understand the importance of and are passionate about sustaining engagement and interest from the beginning right through to completion of the goals. We know that you do what you know to do to create and sustain that engagement…and that sometimes it’s not enough.

Sustaining Engagement for Teams and Projects

You may wish to supplement what you are doing to create or sustain engagement. We are here to be of service to you to accomplish this. We are happy to work with you as a team or business unit leader, as the leader of a project or grant, and as a leader of a multi-stakeholder co-operation partnership. We can work with only you to help you think things through. If you wish, we can work with your people, supplementing the work you are already doing toward accomplishing the high levels of engagement that you need.

A leader of a five year project engaged us at the beginning of the project to support the best possible project kick-off.  Millions of dollars were being invested.  The deliverables expected were high and there was a history in this field of projects not achieving their deliverables. Yet, success was critical.

At the completion of the project, the leader reported to us “With the methods and tools that you taught us, we did something that we have never accomplished with a project before. We didn’t lose any staff in the last year of the project and engagement stayed high until the very end. We exceeded all expectations of our funders and of the government agencies that were counting on us.

A leader of a business unit was required to add two additional teams to her unit. The three teams didn’t fit together well. People were upset. The Director engaged us to work with her to develop the three teams into one functioning unit. She had noticed that the disharmony was resulting in underperformance and a lack of engagement. She needed to reverse this, and get back to an engaged workforce. We began with co-creating a shared operating matrix and strategic plan.

Later, she reported to us “With your help, all three of my teams stayed aligned behind a shared vision of the outcomes we could create. Even though I know I am good at my job as a Department Director, I could not have accomplished this level of engagement and great performance without your tips, techniques, and your approach to how you worked with us.

A leader of a multi-stakeholder group of Co-operation Partners was so frustrated; he was ready to give up. He made one last effort to engage the people to work together without the in-fighting. He engaged us to facilitate the multi-stakeholder process.  We worked on the foundational operating matrix of the partnership.

Later, he reported to us “From the solid foundation that you assisted us in co-creating, the different partners are now on the same page with each other. We are working smoothly together and I am impressed. I never thought this would be possible.

Your Next Steps

Whether your team or project is just forming, has been working together for a while or even is nearing completion, you can benefit from coaching and consulting support.

We’re pleased to offer you a complimentary Team or Project Strategy session with senior consultant Birgitt Williams.  During this 1-hour call, Birgitt will assist you in clarifying your current goals and discern with you what the next best steps are to take in achieving them including an understanding of how we can best support your team or project at this time. During the consultation, you will also receive and learn a simple multi-purpose tool used for clarification of thoughts for any situation that you can take away to use within your organization.

Fill out this brief self-assessment and Birgitt Williams will be in touch within 1 business day to schedule your complimentary organizational breakthrough session.